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Course - Building High Performance Teams

How long:-              Minimum of 1 day.

Who for:-                  New teams who need to rapidly expand their team skills, also existing teams who                                     need to improve individual / team performance.

General outline:-   Team members are required to carry out a series of different tasks involving the

                                   team in achieving a number of “objective’s” which they do using factors such as

                                   distances, directions, compass headings, grid references and Longitude /

                                   Latitude way points. They are provided with a handheld GPS (global positioning

                                   system) receiver, maps and other resources in order to complete their tasks.

                                   Whilst developing transferable skills for the workplace,  participants will also gain                                    a personal skill in basic navigational techniques in a safe outdoor environment.

Design:-                   This event can be customised to meet specific client requirements. However,

                                    typical outcomes might be:-

Exercise terrain:-   Semi rough open moorland with distance to suit team needs.

Equipment:-            All exercise equipment is provided. Participants will need to bring suitable

                                   clothing and footwear for outdoor work (see recommended clothing list).

Catering:-                Tea, coffee and lunch provided.

Price:-                       On application.

Compassworks - Building High Performance Teams