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Corporate Events
Compassworks Corporate Team Building Activities

For modern businesses and organisations teamwork is essential.  Getting the best out of any team is not easy.  Whilst a team is a group of people, a group is not necessarily a team.  Rather, a team is a group of people working together towards a common goal.

Compassworks has the answer!

Using Dartmoor as the perfect backdrop to this type of event, Compassworks can help teams develop a better understanding of how personal and team skills can affect a teams’ performance.

Our enjoyable events are based on using traditional map and compass skills as well as state of the art GPS technology. Each event can be customised to suit newly formed or established teams, dependant on the desired outcome.  With our flexible design strategy, any teams’ time spent with us can be as challenging or relaxed as required, but always rewarding and beneficial.

The combination is unbeatable.

Please see more about the way in which Compassworks can help your organisation achieve its goals, and build a high performance team, by clicking  Here.